Quick-Snap Movie Tool V3.0

Features of the FREE tool:
  • Save frames from any Quicktime playable movie file.
  • Convert any image (including PDF, GIF etc) to jpeg with one click.
  • Drag-and-Drop, no fussy dialogs.
  • Shuttle control for finding the exact frame you need.
  • Quick, Simple. Great for repeated conversions.
  • Hot key controls for rapid working.
  • Save as uncompressed JPEG image.
  • Any size image supported.
  • Perfect for use with SupaImage for high-quality de-interlace (see below).

Download it now for FREE !

(NOTE: The download is the same for the FREE and PRO versions. The PRO features are enabled when you enter you license key)

If you buy a license for Quick-snap PRO you also get more features:
  • Change the size of the saved image with a slider, or by setting an arbitrary width and height.
  • Select a region of the image to be saved. NEW in 3.0
  • Change the level of compression for the JPEG file
  • Choose the method used to scale the image (Simple, bi-linear, pyramid or Bicubic *new in 2.4*)

Using Quick-Snap with SupaImage

The interlaced fields option allows you to show and save both fields of a camera movie (e.g. DV file). This is designed to for use in SupaImage where it can  be de-interlaced into one high quality image. Note that using compresion on these images can produce undesirable results as the fields may be mixed together - so don't do it !
For Mac OS-X 10.2 and later Built for Mac OS-X